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Hydrostatic Drive Propulsion
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Hydra-Tug Azimuth Thrusters ~ 400-700 HP!


Hydraulic Marine Systems' Newest 'HYDRA-TUG'  Azimuth Style Thrusters are on their way!

Our next generation Thrusters have HP capabilities starting at 400 and going up to 700 HP! These Power House Azimuth Style Thrusters, utilizing cutting edge technology and State of the Art components, will supply a demand across a broad spectrum of vessels in the Marine Construction and Transport Industries. (Order Now for 2014 Delivery)

The first unit out of production has advanced to the installation stage and is being fitted in a Single Screw Work Tug, powered by a Twin-Turbo 8V Marine Diesel Engine pushing 650HP. When put into service, this Thruster will produce 520HP in the water. 

Click below to view video of the Thru-hull mounted Azimuth Thruster in action!






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