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Hydrostatic Drive Propulsion
Product/ Outboard Thruster Mount
Outboard Azimuth Thruster Mount/Frame  U.S. Patent No. 8,317,554 B1

                                                                                    (lower drive sold separately)

Hydraulic Marine Systems' Bolt-on, Azimuth style, Thruster Mount/Assembly is a unique, Cost Effective solution to powering your Construction Barge, Sectional Floats or other Platforms with your existing engine and hydraulic supply. 

Hydraulic Marine Systems' Outboard mount/assembly is a Heavy Duty portable, easy to install platform for mounting our lower drives, where you already have an existing engine/hydraulic power supply. These platforms are easily transferable from one barge to another and can be thru-bolted, or welded to the deck for more permanent installation.

Outboard mount assemblies are equipped with horizontal tilt feature and manual vertical depth adjustment.

- Available with 3 different steering options; Gear to gear for single drives, ram cylinder for linked twin drives or 360 degree continuous azimuth steering for independent drives.

- Available with optional Hydraulic Vertical Depth Adjustment, allowing up to 1.2m travel up/down.

The outboard mount assembly will accept any of our Azimuth Style Lower Drives (sold separately) and has variable lengths of reach (customer specified).


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Outboard Tiltable Mount Thruster Spec sheet.pdf

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U.S. Patent Nos. 7,654,875 B1, 7,883,384 B1, 8,007,328 B2, 8,317,554 B1  8,353,734 B1  8,382,538 B1 

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