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Hydrostatic Drive Propulsion
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Founded in 2004 and Incorporated in February 2005, Hydraulic Marine Systems (HMS), through advanced hydraulic and mechanical technology, designs and manufactures a commercial line of Propulsion Systems (Hydraulic Thrusters) utilized in a wide range of applications suited to the Marine Industry. HMS' propulsion systems began with a patented, self-contained single propeller hydraulic thruster which was designed for use on marine construction jobsite barges and platforms. From there, the company, and our product line, has grown to include a much larger Twin propeller Self-contained Thruster Series, Fixed Position bolt-on Thrusters, Thru-Hull Azimuth style Thrusters and Outboard Mounted Variable Position (Tilt-able) Hydraulic Thrusters. Our Thrusters are designed to fit a range of power needs, from 100hp/75Kw - 600Hp/448Kw.


HMS' founding principals have guided our growth with a philosophy of providing Hydraulic Propulsion Systems which are extremely durable, cost effective for the customer and adaptable to a wide range of applications. Our team of professionals is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products available in the industry whilst placing great emphasis on consideration for the environment and its protection for future generations. Tier 3A and 4 Industrial engines, noise suppression exhaust systems, biodegradeable hydraulic oils, nozzles and propeller guards all contribute to protection of waterways, sea-bottom and marine life.


 HMS seeks out and utilizes World-Wide Industry Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers for cutting edge state of the art technology and components. Incorporating the best components available, into our propulsion systems, increases their durability and reliability in the field and gives our customers greater confidence in knowing replacement spares are available world-wide. Our suppliers include well recognized companies such as Caterpillar®, John Deere®, Isuzu®, Eaton Corp.®, Sauer-Danfoss® and Parker-Hannifin®. 

Our State of the Art Technology includes components such as Wireless Radio Remote Control systems from Miratron Corp.®, Sauer-DAnfoss' Plus+1® Controller Computer Area Network (CAN) systems, High speed Pulser Wraps from Electro-Sensors Corp®, and high speed hi-pressure Rotary Swivel Unions from Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc.® 

Product Lines

HMS' product lines include hydraulically operated Single and Twin propeller Self-contained Thrusters, Thru-Hull Azimuth Style Thrusters with 360º continuous steering, Fixed position Bolt-on Thrusters and Tilt-able, Vertically adjustable Outboard Mounted Thrusters.

Available options include; Horizontal Tilt control, automatic (hydraulic) vertical depth adjustment (raise/lower), Remote (Pilot House) station controls, Dual station controls, portable hard-wired (Murphy Panel) controls, Wireless Radio Remote Controls, full electronic display instrumentation with auto-pilot integration capabilities, sound and non-sound attenuated power-pack enclosures with locking access doors and more.

World-Wide Exposure

HMS enjoys world-wide presence of our products, with equipment in our USA homeland (as far north as Nome, Alaska), Australia, Columbia, Costa Rica,  Europe, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and Russia.

Our products are represented in Australia through RH Mechanical Services,  in Central and South America though our Columbian representative, Gustavo Marquez Jr. with Astillero GMA, and in Europe through Wielie Derksen with DWG Trading Corp., 


Thank you for your interest in our propulsion systems. We look forward to doing business with you. 

John Williams, President/Owner.



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